Monday, February 13, 2017

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How to contact me?

Facebook : Afifi J.
Gmail : missstrawberrymilk [at] gmail [dot] com
Instagram : @miss.strawberry.milk

About Me

Well here we are, talking bout me eh? Life is short, and here's a short version of my 'tale' : I am a girl born in '95 from a rural area in Sarawak, Malaysia. I am a seasonal planner addict and a once in a while journal addict. I design stickers when I am in a good mood, and I do pretty much nothing but eat when I am in a lazy mood.


Welcome to the Blog!

 Hi there! My name is Afifi and I'm the proud owner of this lil blog. This blog is dedicated to all things related to my planner addiction - from planners to planner accessories and from my hauls to my own lil shop.

 As you can see, this blog is a work in progress so please bear with all the 'awkwardness' that comes with it :D